About Us

The Cantrells


This is our family.

Ryan a.k.a. Daddy - The spiritual leader that is faithfully devoted to the Lord and his girls. Ryan takes care of our social media and advertising needs. He is our biggest supporter and cheerleader.

Judith a.k.a. Momma - The artsy one with the crazy ideas and a heart on fire for Jesus. Momma loves serving others, sharing her testimony and creating new treats that put smiles on the faces of everyone who comes her way. 

Kaylee a.k.a. Kakes - The blue-eyed beauty that greets you behind the counter, always smiling and always ready to serve and help others. Kaylee has a heart for animals and has BIG dreams of becoming an equine/large animal vet. Whether she likes it or not, she has her momma's knack for art and is incredibly talented in her hand-lettering. 

Lexi a.k.a. LuLu - Our not-so-little baby girl who is forging her way through this world like a wildfire. Lexi is a mini version of her Momma and loves working in the kitchen, discovering different flavor combinations and creating incredible treats for everyone. Lexi has an incredible bluesy-soulful voice but is shy to sing in front of others. Maybe one day you will hear her singing while she works, which is a sweeter treat than anything we sell in the shoppe.

So . . . this is our family.

We are real.

We love.

We laugh.

We serve.

We love the Lord with all we have.

Oh, and we LOVE bringing joy to others through our sweet treats!